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  Let's face it: 

For most retailers and customer service-driven businesses, what you sell or the service you provide is rarely unique.  Your customer can go right down the street and find a similar product or service, at a comparable price.  Unless you make the tiles that go on the outside of the Space Shuttle, or a proprietary bio-tech product, the probability is that you have competition that wants your customers as much as you do! 

Right the time to take a hard look at the things you have to offer that no one else does, and make sure that they are the strongest 'statements' of your brand.  If you don't do it now, you might as well call the attorneys and get the Chapter 11 paperwork started.

It's that serious.

You, and your entire company, need to be nimble, positive, and quite simply 'the best' that your customer sees, or you won't get a second chance.

The only unique, individual thing you have, that no other company can match, and no other store can out-do or price-cut, is:  YOUR IMAGE!  The investment you make in your staff, your training, your presentation and your service, is the defining force in your future success or failure.

So what can you do to make that image a solid platinum, glass-smooth, feel-good experience for EVERY CUSTOMER, EVERY TIME?

Here are few key ideas:

Employee Development Tools for Managers


 Power Tools for Staff Enhancement


For the vast majority of companies in America, the actual product or service that they provide is not unique.  Competition is the very fabric of our system and even proprietary items can and will be copied or improved upon by other firms.  Every company is prone to price comparison, service competition and duplication of brick and mortar facilities.  It’s the nature of the American system of business.

 What, then, is the one, unique asset that every business has for gaining a sustained, competitive advantage over its rivals?


 Employee Development Tools for Managers is a system of 26 two-week staff enhancement tools that can be adapted to any business by the management team.  Implementation is simple and the follow-up tools are built in.  Tracking progress is as easy as having a staff meeting each week; something that most successful teams do, as a matter of course. 

 Contained in the full version is a complete, 1 year set of meeting topics and the prep and follow-up tools for the successful manager or team leader to present in a typical staff meeting format.  There is a guide and tracking tool for each topic.  The topics do not necessarily need to be done in order.  The best results will come from completing the entire set, before repeating a specific topic.  This will help build a well-rounded sharp and client-oriented team, with a clear vision of the goals being set and the tools to reach them.

Employee Development Tools for Managers stands out by providing a fully realized, one-year program that has shown verifiable success for retail and customer service firms in many states.  Where CRM systems and other Customer Service metrics are utilized, these Tools produce award winning performance.


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