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You can't lead from behind. 
Brady Wright

Training Solutions Consultant and Workforce Development Expert for Companies that Care about Customers

“The only unique asset that a business has, for gaining a sustained, competitive advantage over rivals, is its workforce.”

Keynote Speaker on Training and Profit!

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In the current economy, the goal of successful companies is to retain and increase customers, increase business, stabilize the work force and rise to the challenges. Investing in your people is the one, sure way to achieve those goals.

Brady Wright designs and strategizes Talent Development Training and Leadership solutions for dynamic businesses. He is passionate about creatively designing ways to maximize corporate profitability through leadership training, branding and workforce development. He is an active member of the American Society for Training and Development and the Corporate Learning Forum, and is a winner of the “Best Business PR” award given by the Washington Press Association.

His expertise is partnering with dynamic organizations and leaders to creatively rethink the best ways to invest in Workforce Development through understanding the critical relationship between Customer Service, Branding, Training and Profitability.

He is a dynamic training designer and communicator, corporate university developer, curriculum designer, award-winning public relations expert, project manager and lecturer on Business Communications.


Retail Training Systems and Employee Development Solutions, Needs Assessment, Customer Service Excellence Training, New Employee Orientation, Performance Improvement, Retail Manager Development, Motivation for Managers, Team Management, Business Coaching,  Sales Training, Management Effectiveness, Winning Vocal Presentation, MaXX Management, Mentoring for Leaders, Sales Supervisor Training, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, Diversity Consciousness,  Workplace Communications, Advertising Strategies, Public Speaking / Presentation Skills
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